A Mobile application for your pharmacy?

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The Pharmacy of 2017 through a mobile application!

The tasks of the pharmacist are strengthened: more and more, pharmacists have opportunity to exercise new missions thus affirming its key role in the system of care: prevention, screening, personalised advice. Mobile applications’ solutions must accompany the pharmacist in this development and give it the means to develop a special relationship with his patients.

  • he contributes to primary carePharmacists role
  • he participates in the cooperation between health professionals
  • he participates in the service of healthcare permanently
  • he can participate in patient health education and patient health support
  • He can offer advice and services to help improve or maintain the health status of pacients.

Every day, people are looking for health products, wellness and beauty on the Internet. These people are now increasingly tempted to buy these products online and not in your Pharmacy!

At the heart of the device is the pharmaceutical act. Indeed, it seems inevitable that the dispensassions but also the pharmacist’s advice are at the center of the application. It supports patients in their everyday values, but also the role of the health professional pharmacist. In the meantime it allows pharmacists to benefit from an effective tool to extend the relationship pharmacist / patient.

Your pharmacy in their hand!

Mobile application Follow the new technology!

With the mobile application, patients can now ask for your advice or see advice in relation with their treatment. Each pharmacy will have a customised mobile application and using the latest technology like iBeacon or LiFi!

The suported advanced features of your mobile application

  • PROMOTION / INFORMATION: The right promotion, at the right time, on the right smart phone!
  • PRACTICAL: Send your prescription and your order through the App. When youFFS pharma Mobile application welcome screen arrive at the pharmacy, no need to wait. Just pay and go.
  • PREVENTION: Alerts on prevention during seasonal changes.
  • CLIENTES’ CHECK-LIST: So that nothing is missing to customers.
  • PILLS REMINDER: Alerts and reminder messages to take medications.
  • PREGNANCY PROJECT: A feature available for women. The app can provide an exclusive feature for one or more category of clients.
  • GOOD HEALTH: Side by side with your customer! Have your own Blog here and Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other feed.
  • EMERGENCY NUMBERS: In the event of an adverse condition or sickness, get directly in touch with medical support and pass on information to a family member or close friend.
  • LOCATION: Your pharmacy now closer to your customer with home delivry.


Benefits for client using your mobile application

  • Pharmacy Information always up-to-date. 
  • Advanced geo-location service.
  • Send your order (via Photo).
  • Collection and delivery.
  • Programming pills reminders.
  • Receive personal tips at advise.
  • Pharmacovigilance and safety.
  • Ask for advice (via photo).
  • Comfort and proximity.
  • Real loyalty program
  • Information.
  • Personalised message.
  • Targeted promotions.

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The advantage of this service is the link to any third party software constraint. All pharmacies can join the program and offer all the features of the application to their patients.


Personal data

FFS Pharma collects personal information (your name, phone, email) to communicate to pharmacists. We also collect information essential to our service as dates / times for medical appointments.

How FFS Pharma protects your data: FFS Pharma recognizes that respecting your anonymity is essential, therefore we encrypt all of your data in the same way as your bank realizes.

Our commitment to you: FFS Pharma will never use your data in any way that might compromise your identity or medical confidentiality.

For more further informations, please contact pharma@funfingersoftware.com

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